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CONCERTINA accompaniment

Coventry Carol  (English Christmas carol)

Herod and the Cock  (English Christmas carol)

How Many Oxen  (Burgundian Christmas carol)

Miss Fogarty's Cake  (American Christmas     novelty song)

Queen Jane (American ballad)

Please to See the King  (St. Stephen's Day     carol)

The Fox  (English folk song)

The Mermaid  (English folk song)

Windham  (American Sacred Harp hymn)


CONCERTINA - Balkan tunes

Paidushkata  (Bulgarian dance)


CONCERTINA - English tunes

Bold Princess Royal


CONCERTINA - French tunes

Bourrée à Bouscatel


CONCERTINA - Irish tunes

Coleraine  (jig)

Galway Bay  (hornpipe)

Return to Fingal  (march)

The Friendly Visit  (hornpipe)


CONCERTINA - Scandinavian tunes

Barkbrödlåten  (bark bread tune)

Brudmarsch från Älvdalen  (bride's march)

Eklunda Polska

Finn Jenta  (waltz)

Gammal Beväringsmarsch  (old recruit's


Gånglåt efter Gustavson-Solne


Leksands Brudmarsch  (bride's march)

Leksands Tingsmarsch  (district court march)

Noaks Gånglåt

Oppskrivi etter Jon Holmo

Polksa från Follinge and

Gammalvänster från Oviken

Polska från Stöde

Vals efter Roligs Per

Vals-Skänklåt efter Erik Nilsson 

   (waltz-gift-giving tune)

Västgöta Sväng



Bird Whistles

Rain Sticks

Water Whistles



DULCIMER accompaniment

Cherry Tree Carol  (Christmas ballad)

Corn Bread Rough  (American Sukey jump)

Dame Get Up and Bake Your Pies  (Christmas song)

Hares on the Mountain  (English folk song)

The Holly and the Ivy  (Christmas carols)

Jesus Born in Bethlea  (Christmas ballad)

Lady Gay  (American ballad)

Live Happily  (Christmas carol from Provence)

Motherless Children (Blues)

Rise Up Shepherd and Follow  (American Christmas spiritual)

Silly Bill  (American song)

Sing Hallelu  (American Christmas spiritual)

Tee Roo  (The Farmer's Cursed Wife)

   (American ballad)

Today is Sylvester  (New Year's song)


DULCIMER - American old time tunes and songs

Antelope Gap 

Avalon Quickstep

Barlow Knife


Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine

Bound to Have a Little Fun

Breaking Up Christmas (Georgia)

Breaking Up Christmas (North Carolinia)

Bull at the Wagon

Bullfrog on a Puncheon Floor

California Blues

Charleston Gals


Chinquapin Hunting

Cluck Old Hen (West Virginia)

Cumberland Gap

Dandy Lusk

Dry and Dusty

Ducks on a Pond

Easy Pickens  (original tune)

Fairy Schottish  (original tune)

Fire on the Mountain

Frosty Morning 

Give the Fiddler a Dram

Grandad's Favorite

Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet

   Potato Vine

Greasy Coat

Grigsby's Hornpipe

Happy Hollow

Hound in the Laundry  (original tune)

Indian Ate a Woodchuck

Jellyfish Tickle  (original tune)

Jim Shank

Jingle Bells

Johnny, Don't Get Drunk

Jonah in the Windstorm

Katie, Bar the Door

Kiowa Special

Kitchen Girl


Laughing Boy


Little Billy Wilson

Little Dutch Girl

Liza Jane

Midnight on the Water  (waltz)

Mike in the Wilderness

Miller Boy  (Oklahoma version of Bonaparte's


Mississippi Sawyer

Mouth of the Potomac

Mowing the Meadow


Old Bell Cow

Old Black Cat Couldn't Catch a Rat

Old 1812

Old Grey Cat

Old Hen She Cackled  (song)

Old Jaw Bone

Old Joe Clark

Polly Put the Kettle On

Pretty Little Widow

Quince Dillon's High D

Rock the Cradle, Joe


Rosin the Beau

Sally in the Garden

Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes

Salt Creek

Sandy Boys

Sandy River Belle

Santa Anna's Retreat

Sarah Armstrong

Seneca Square Dance

Shady Grove

Ship in the Clouds

Shove that Pig's Foot

Snake Baked a Hoecake


Spotted Pony

Spring Creek Gal

Step Around Johnny

Streets of Laredo

Stump Tail Dog

Sweet Marie

Texas (New Castle)

There's a Brown Skin Girl Down

     the Road Somewhere

Turkey in the Straw

Turkey in the Straw  (noter drone)

Uncle Henry

Uncle Joe

Ways of the World

Ways of the World (crooked version)

West Texas Waltz

Westphalia Waltz

What'll I Do with the Baby-O?  (song)

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Wild Rose of the Mountain

Wink the Other Eye

Yellow Barber

Yellow Door Breakdown  (original tune)


DULCIMER - Central and Eastern European tunes

Ada's Kujawiak  (Polish dance)

Ampueţii  (Romanian dance)

Ardeleana  (Romanian dance)

Bayischer Bauer and Wintergrün

   (Zweifachers)  (German dances)

Bezzi Laendler (original tune)

Bournovalia  (Greek folk song)

Bufchansko Oro  (Macedonian dance)

Dansul Caprilor (Goat Dance)

   (Romanian dance)

Dansul Fetelor de la Crihalma (Recruiting

   Dance from Romanian)

Deifi du Dürrer  (Zwiefacher - Bavaria)

Dospatsko Horo  (Bulgarian dance)

Eisenkielnest  (Zwiefacher - Bavaria)

Ievan Polkka  (Finnish tune)

Julhan Polska  (Finnish tune)

Kalendara and Čiro

    (Croatian dances)

Kolo Mlina (The Grain Mill)  (Russian folk song)

Lefkaditikos  (Greek island dance)

Levačko Kolo (Haymaker's Circle) (Serbian)

Makedonsko Devojče  (Macedonian song)

Ponturi (Recruiting Dance from Romania)

Prekid Kolo  (Serbian dance)

Rachenitsa  (Bulgarian dance)

Rasino Kolo  (Serbian dance)

Ruhpoldinger Schuhplattler  (Bavaria)

Sechsunddreißiger  (Zwiefacher - Bavaria)

Seljančica  (Serbian dance)

Severnyashko Daichovo Horo (Koichovo Horo)   (Northern Bulgarian Dance)

Sitna Lesa  (Bulgarian dance)

Sommermichl and Alte Kath

   (Zweifachers)  (German dances)

Srpkinja (Serbian Girl)  (Serbian dance)

Syrto Kofto  (Greek dance)

Weggiserlied  (Swiss folk song from a music box)

Zillertaler Ländler  (Austrian dance)


DULCIMER - Classical Music

Can-can (by Offenbach)

Ecossaise by Beethoven

In the Bleak Midwinter  (Christmas carol by Gustav Holst)

Sonata by Bernardo Pasquini



DULCIMER - English country dances

All In a Garden Green


Beggar Boy

Black Nag


Cuckolds All in a Row


Dick's Maggot

Drive the Cold Winter Away

Gathering Peascods

Goose and the Gridiron

Goddesses  (A North Country Maid)

Halfe Hannikin

Hunt the Squirrel

Jack a Lent

Knives and Forks

Mister Isaac's Maggot

Parson's Farewell



DULCIMER - English tunes

Black Joke  (Morris tune)

Constant Billy (Morris tune)

Holmes Fancy  (Northumbrian)

Jockey to the Fair  (Morris tune)

Morpeth Lasses  (Northumbrian)

Redesdale Hornpipe  (Northumbrian)

Sir John Fenwick's 'Flower Among them All'  


Sailor's Hornpipe

William and Nancy  (Morris tune)


DULCIMER - French dances

Adèle Blanc Sec  (schottish)

Ai Vist lou Loup  (bourrée)

Belle qui tiens ma vie  (pavane)

Bourrée à Bouscatel

Bourrée à Malochet

Bourrée de Berry et Lo Tropiau

  (The Flocks)

Bourrée de Gaston Pommier

Bourrée d'Oulches

Bourrée la Chapelotte

Branle de l'Official  (Ding Dong Merrily on High)

Branle des Chevaux  (Horses' Branle)

Duhont'ar Ar Mane & Une Fille de Rose 

   (Hanter dros from Brittany)

En Passant la Rivière  (By the Seashore)

   (bourrée à deux temps)

Hanter Dro medley

Jeanette Isabella  (French Christmas carol)

L'Aio de Rotso  (bourrée)

Lo Calho  (bourrée)

Mazurka d'Auvergne

Plant un Cao  (Plant a Cabbage)  (schottish)

Scottish Nérondaise

Two French Schottishes

Valse á Cadet


DULCIMER - Hymn tunes

Away in a Manger  (two versions)

Adeste Fideles  (O Come All Ye Faithful)

Blessed Be the Tie

Come Life, Shaker Life  (Shaker hymn)

Cradle Hymn

Holy Manna


I Will Bow and Be Simple  (Shaker hymn)

Now My Dear Companions  (Shaker hymn)

Simple Gifts  (Shaker hymn)

We Gather Together

We Shall Overcome  (Civil Rights anthem)

We Three Kings  (American Christmas carol)


DULCIMER - Irish tunes

An Comhra Donn (The Brown Coffer)  (hornpipe)

Banish Misfortune  (jig)

Beauty in Tears  (O'Carolan)

The Black Rogue  (jig)

Blackthorn Stick  (jig)

Blarney Pilgrim  (jig)

Blind Mary  (O'Carolan)

Dingle Regatta  (slide)

Dusty Windowsills / Cliffs of Moher  (jigs)

Father Kelly / Flower of the Flock  (reels)

The Fairies  (hornpipe)

Fisher's Hornpipe

Foxhunter's Reel

Fraher's Jig

The Green Dulcimer  (jig) (original tune)

Irish Washerwoman  (jig)

Irishman's Heart to the Ladies  (jig)

Julia Delaney  (reel)

King of the Fairies  (hornpipe - set dance)

Leitrim Fancy  (jig)

Maggie Browne's Fancy  (O'Carolan)

Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife  (slide)

Maid at the Spinning Wheel  (jig)

Maid Behind the Bar  (reel)

Morrison's Jig

Paddy on the Turnpike / Star of Munster  (reels)

Peeler's Jacket / Tear the Calico  (reels)

Planxty Fanny Power  (O'Carolan)

Planxtly George Brabazon  (O'Carolan)

Planxty Irwin / Munster Cloak  (O'Carolan) (waltzes)

Quindaro Hornpipe (American - Irish)

Rights of Man  (hornpipe)

The Road to Lisdoonvarna  (slide)

Sally Gardens  (reel)

Ships Are Sailing  (reel)

Swallowtail Jig / Tenpenny Bit  (jigs)

Three Sea Captains (jig - set dance)

Top of Cork Road  (jig)

Trip to Sligo  (jig)

Two Irish Polkas  (Dennis Murphy's   

     Polka and Lakes of Sligo)


DULCIMER - Italian tunes

Tarantella Napoletana


DULCIMER - Jewish and Klezmer tunes

Baroiges Tanz  (Broyges Tanz - Angry Dance)

Debka Druz  (Isreali folk dance)

Dodi Li  (Song of Songs)

Dundai  (Jewish dance)

Ki Tin' Am  (Song of Songs)

Ma Yofus (How Beautiful)  (Klezmer dance)


DULCIMER - Scandinavian tunes

Båtsman Däck  (bondpolska)

Blånn-Olles Gånglåt

Brännvinspolska efter Lorens Brolin

Brudmarsch från Älvdalen  ((bridal march)

Dans på Kolbotten   (Polska från Amot)

Dulcimer Hambo (My Hambo Has Fleas)

   (original tune)

Farmors Brudpolska  (Polska från Älvdalen)


Gammalvänster från Oviken

Gånglåt efter Mattias Blom

Gånglåt efter Tom Gibney

Gånglåt från Rättvik

Gånglåt från Vigelsjö

Grandpa's Waltz  (hoppvals from Wisconsin)

Hoppvals frå Feragen 

Höök-Olle's Great Polska from Rättvik

Hultkläppens Vals

Mallongen  (hambo)

Morpho Schottish  (original tune)

Mungalåten  (gånglåt)

Norrbommens Polska

Nyårhälsning Schottis  (New Year's Welcome  


Olles Hambo

Pirilpolska  (Boda polska)

Polonäs från Sexdrega

Polska från Alfta-Arbrå 

Polska från Rättvik efter Pers Erik

Polska efter Zuaw  (bondpolska)

Reinlander etter Ringnessen

Säckpipslåt från Norra Råda (bagpipe tune)

Skänklåt efter Mattias Blom  (gift giving tune)

Skinnbracka med Lucku  (hambo)

Slängpolska efter Myr-Hans Nilsson 

Slängpolska från Enanger

Slövagubben  (Boda polska)

Snurran  (snoa)

Steklåt från Särna  (steak tune)

Svingedans efter Mårten


Swedish Christmas medley

Systerpolska  (Orsapolska)

Ten Crowns Polska

Two Swedish Schottishes

    (Schottis från Haverö and Schottis från Lima)

The Turning Tide  (original tune)


Vigers Polska  (hambo)


Visby  (gånglåt)

Waltz from Ore

Waltz from Rättvik

Wedding March after Florsen i Burs


DULCIMER - Scottish tunes

Auld Lang Syne

Border Fray (Reel O' Stumpie)

Christmas Day in the Morning  (Shetland)

Gay Gordons

Laird of Drumblair


DULCIMER - South American tunes

La Partida  (Venezualan harp tune)